Scifi Alien Queen WIP 03

Work In Progress / 29 June 2020

Hey new updates ....

after my base proportions are done, I started on the retopo of the character. The head is one of the important parts of my character so I placed very carefull the layout and made it animation and deformation friendly. Furthermore I splitted the mesh in groups for easy selections within Zbrush.
The body topology is pretty straight forward. I looked at good deformation areas like hips, wirst, knees etc but in the end its more a tube with subdivisions. Making the hand was interesting because normaly you don't have to deal with two thumbs ^^ but lucky me I could work with symmetrie and just had to be carefull when both sides come together and the attachement point on the wrist.

The feet, oh boy way pain in the ass! I loved my shape design but making a retopo was hard work for me. Every side has curves and very organic forms. But the result is pretty nice.
Fun fact: I just need the body topology for the cloth production, but my plans for the environment includes "nude" statues soo it was no waist of time and I had fun making the complete topology.