Scifi Alien Queen WIP 01

Work In Progress / 27 June 2020

I'm working on a new personal project. The setting is some sort of victorian / scifi setting.

I want to create a realistic / beliveable realtime character. The design is currently based on a combination of a human and different animal parts to create an interesting looking shape. Also I want to try to make basic Ffacial blendshapes to play with different expressions. In the end I will present and stage my character in a small environment in Unreal.

I started with a bust sketch to define the character and at the moment I'm working on a concept to block out the body and cloth style.
I really enjoy the idea of making an alien shaped character with more humanoid clothes, how does a long leg character put on pants?

Initial colour test just to see what It could be :)

I started blocking out the body:

This version was more human but I liked the idea of the feet

second iteration:
I gave her bigger shapes and curved her spine more extreme than the first iteration.

Next pass:

I added arms and redesigned her feet to make a more ostrich look, that creature is now a fast runner ^^
Also I like the idea that her hands having two thumbs and index+middle / ring + pinky are together to create a more interesting hand for an alien species.