Plague Marine Bust /03

Work In Progress / 16 September 2022

Update ...
I refinded the helmet and upper arm armour. Also I resculpted a few areas, where I have to cut for the print.If somebody find the small demons let me know :D

Plague Marine Bust /02

Work In Progress / 14 September 2022

Plague marine update
I refined a lot of shapes and learned interesting stuff about space marine lore :D

I think I'm almost done with the secondary shapes (one big part is still the helmet) But my render tests are promissing. I have to keep in mind that I would cut the model in a few pieces for printing, so everything should be as tight as possible.

Plague Marine Bust

Work In Progress / 09 September 2022

I'm working on something nasty :D
Still blocking out the volumes of the plague marine bust, but I love it already!

First shape pass

Sculpt Phase 01 and a little bit rendering

Sculpting Kingpin 02

Work In Progress / 18 July 2022

Kingpin update time,
I merged the head and refined the facial expression. Also I reworked his hands because the first version was kinda weak in terms of posture.
Slowly everything comes together but my Zbrush file isgetting slower and bigger :D

Sculpting Kingpin 01

Work In Progress / 11 July 2022

I came up with a fun exercise to sharpen my current skill sets.

My goals are: "sculpting directly in pose" and "creating printable statues"

It's so not my comfort zone, I swear a lot like a sailor!

My first Statue is based on Marvels Kingpin.

But besides my yelling, this is a pure fun project :D

Here are my first WIP shots

White Rabbit concept art

General / 20 May 2022

I found an older sculpting piece on my hard drive soo I sculpted that thing a little bit further and made a quick rendering and overpaint.
I like the idea that this rabbit is the one from alice in wonderland. Maybe I will start sketching out a full body sculpture.

Inquisitor creature idea

General / 11 May 2022

I'm working on a creature idea and it's tall ....
maybe I will make a 3d print out of it because I really like the shapes. But for now I'm in the process of sculpting the shapes and playing with material ideas.

Older version, before I started to making some kind of shell with 4 arms in it :D

Grin 3d print 01

General / 09 May 2022

I made a 3d printable version of my grin sculpting.
It was quite a challenge making a hollowed version. I made a hole for the fluid but also to be able to be used with a pedestal and a metal pin and therefore I hat do build inside of this model a few supports to carry the bride of the pin hole.
My last print of this head was a mess, because I misscalculated the amount of supports therefore the print got stuck and detached himself from the print bed. I updated the version with more and thicker supports, but now I have to cleanup a few areas before the color wash.

The overall print time was 6h, the size is ca 10 cm height.

Doom 3 Project - Trite

Work In Progress / 06 April 2022

Hey everyone,

For my Doom 3 Fanart Project I made a Trite too. Here is the latest texture update, rendered in UE4

The Hellknight is part of a collaboration project soo check out the awesome job of Maximilian Domsky's WIP's.He is working on the environment stuff.


Deformation figure 3d Print

General / 28 February 2022

After 27h of printing, my first sculpted and printed figure is alive!

It was a weird thing, watching this print growing slowly by every hour and not knowing if the print would fail. But everything went fine and I already love the amount of details :D
I hollowed the mesh within Zbrush by hand with live booleans to have more control over all the small corners and to learn, how this stuff works. The height of this print is 22 cm.

Here are a few impressions, the mesh needs still to be sanded and painted ....