Clay bust fun

General / 30 May 2021

I was doodle around with a few shapes and came out with a demon design build of IMM brushes as rough base and a detail pass for the refinement.


Project "Mushroom Fairy" / 002

Work In Progress / 23 May 2021

Update time ...

I grabbed my concept and made an initial sculpt of the head to get a better feeling for the overall shapes.
I sculpted a neutral and a jaw open posed version to see how the mood would change and if I can be as close as possible to my concept design.

Furthermore I made a light chart to test the values under different conditions. 

 Overall I'm very happy with my results, the next step will be the blockout of the body.

Project "Mushroom Fairy"

Work In Progress / 21 May 2021

Hey everyone,
a new big project is about to start, yayyyyyy!

a few weeks ago I was playing around with ideas for a new long term project and then I came up with a forest scene and a lot of mushrooms.
Well not really a lot of those thingys but more a group of mimik creatures who lives in the woods and mimik real mushrooms until something passes nearby and the fairies starting to attack and eat their prey.

I want to test my abilities to make nice looking sequenzes within Unreal with animations, sound etc.
I saw a lot of awesome looking short film projects on artstation and I want to make this too!!  

I already love the shapes and can't wait to dive into the initial sculpting.

Here are a few concept pieces I did for the character so far:
Value sketch and measurement ...

To break up the overall scene I tend to make slightly different sizes ...

Colour variation test, currently I can't make a decision between lower left and right  ...


New PC and Cycles render fun

General / 29 April 2021


I updated my PC setup and I'm working on a render setup within Blender to make realistic shots of my upcomming sculpting projects.
Soo I grabed my Orc bust and played around with Cycles. I would love to switch to Evee but the missing Global Illumination is still a thing ...  to create rally grounded renderings.
The render was in Full hd with CPU+ GPU and took me around a minute of render time which is a huge jump compared to my old system.
Now I'm reducing my idle times and can be more productive instead of waiting, looking outisde the window and cry :D :D

Anyways ... I like it so far but I will tweak it further until I'm happy with my setup.

Thanks for reading,


Scifi Alien Politician WIP 16

Work In Progress / 03 December 2020


I textured the limbs and made a few more tweak of the overall values. For example I toned down the golden parts to fit better to the darker and warmer skin tone.  Also I tested the character inside the example paragon level.

Testing the portrait shot

First impression inside the Paragon level


Scifi Alien Politician WIP 15

Work In Progress / 30 November 2020

Today I started working on the skin, testing colours, bump details etc ..... my pc starts crying because of the amount of layers and folders ^^

Also I imported a new version into a fresh unreal project to test my texture values. I also used the eyes I made a few month ago but I'm not soo happy with the design, maybe I will jump back to eyes without any iris like a plane colour with a colour gradient or I will use a round iris and pupil instead.

Here are a few screengrabs from unreal  :)  


Scifi Alien Politician WIP 14

Work In Progress / 30 November 2020

Hey ho,

it's texturing time!

All bakes came out really smooth with just a tiny amount of corrections in really small areas. I started to layout the overall colour shemes and materials for the pieces and I'm very happy watching how every piece come together.

Here are a few images of the current status of her clothes.

Scifi Alien Politician WIP 13

Work In Progress / 25 November 2020

Hey ho,
currently I'm working on the retopo of my character, I looking for unnesecarry polygons and build shapes that follows the folds better to support the normal map on top but doesn't look to flat from the 3/4 view.

The head is a tricky one, because I'm working with a mouth open head for the bake, I have to use a mouth closed blendshape which means I have to prepare later a retopo head with the same vertex Ids and topoligy to be able to project the pose.

Anyway, here a a few screen grabs from the retopo version

 During the retopo of every single piece I made test bakes to see if the current shapes works without baking and normal map issues.
Here are images of my latest test head bake.



Scifi Alien Politician WIP 12

Work In Progress / 18 October 2020

it's time for an update!

I polished a few areas of the cloth pieces and worked slightly on the feet design. Therefore I added dew claw toes to have the same shape language as I already using for her hands.

I think the Highpoly is now done, next step will be the lowpoly and unwrapping magic.



Scifi Alien Politician WIP 11

Work In Progress / 04 October 2020

Hey ho,

current status of my project ...
 I'm working on the refinement of the clothes and skin parts. I Added the biggest volumes and wrinkles for the skin because I want this as part of my later bake process. The pores and smaller skin details will be made within substance painter, because I then I have a better controll of the detail dimensions and can tweak faster compared to a pure sculpted mesh.

What I really enjoyed was the sculpting of her lips, her face has now more depth and looks natural.

For the baking and texturing process, I duplicated her head and made an slightly open mouth position too.
Now I can bake without cleaning normal maps in small areas like mouth corner and also I was able to reshape her lipline better than I would be able to do with a closed mouth.

Here are a few detail pictures :