Winnie The Pooh horror sculpture 001

General / 18 September 2023

Since Winnie the Pooh is public domain, I'm working on a horror sculpture of this friendly teddy bear :D
Here a a few WIP shots, the overall design is done and now I'm tweaking a few things and working on the refinement of the details.

Initial sketch:

Refinement base shapes:

Adding blockout fur:

More refinement:

Start detailing the fur and skin:

Oracle 03

General / 16 June 2023

New shapes new test renderings!

I'm on a good way to figure out the proportions and the overall design of my sculpture/diorama.
I have to try a few new head pieces but I already like the organic shapes.

Oracle 02

General / 29 May 2023

Oracle overpaint time!

Trying to figure out more shapes is a lot easier in 2d. I already like the bone structures and I will try also a version with round head piece to bring more balance into the sculpt. Furthermore I played with the tough to build some kind of stairs in front of the oracle to create more sense of the scale.

Giving the figure cloth pieces is a different topic ...


General / 29 May 2023

I'm working on a new blockout, working title "oracle" I still have the feeling I need more mouths or arms or a second head. Furthermore there is a lack of scale. I need to put smaller things around it, then it's becoming impressive. Let's see where it leads us 🔥

Infected diorama

General / 22 January 2023

I'm working on a new printable diorama/ figure. The main inspiration is the microscopic world of creatures inside of us, but now wayyyy bigger :D

My initial sculpt

Overpaint and blockout of the composition

New mood sculpting, I still have to figure out the shaoe of the creature. I think I will gowith a humanoid twisted thingy

Art vs Artis 2022

General / 08 December 2022

Behold the time has come! Oh boi ... 2022 was an interesting year. I met new awesome people and worked more on dark and nasty projects!
I'm looking forward to 2023 with more projects, more 3d prints and more creatures ... and I have to make a new selfie :D 

Orc head bust print Vol 2

General / 29 November 2022

Updates on my orc head.

After recalibrating and testing my new slicer settings, the head print was a success!
You can now print your own heads just follow the link:

Orc head bust print

General / 17 November 2022

Currently I'm working on an updated version of my older orc head sculpt. I refinded the shapes a little bit to make it more pleasing for the eye and printable. The final print size is 75 mm height.


Inside Lychee, working on the supports

White Rabbit concept art

General / 20 May 2022

I found an older sculpting piece on my hard drive soo I sculpted that thing a little bit further and made a quick rendering and overpaint.
I like the idea that this rabbit is the one from alice in wonderland. Maybe I will start sketching out a full body sculpture.

Inquisitor creature idea

General / 11 May 2022

I'm working on a creature idea and it's tall ....
maybe I will make a 3d print out of it because I really like the shapes. But for now I'm in the process of sculpting the shapes and playing with material ideas.

Older version, before I started to making some kind of shell with 4 arms in it :D