White Rabbit concept art

General / 20 May 2022

I found an older sculpting piece on my hard drive soo I sculpted that thing a little bit further and made a quick rendering and overpaint.
I like the idea that this rabbit is the one from alice in wonderland. Maybe I will start sketching out a full body sculpture.

Inquisitor creature idea

General / 11 May 2022

I'm working on a creature idea and it's tall ....
maybe I will make a 3d print out of it because I really like the shapes. But for now I'm in the process of sculpting the shapes and playing with material ideas.

Older version, before I started to making some kind of shell with 4 arms in it :D

Grin 3d print 01

General / 09 May 2022

I made a 3d printable version of my grin sculpting.
It was quite a challenge making a hollowed version. I made a hole for the fluid but also to be able to be used with a pedestal and a metal pin and therefore I hat do build inside of this model a few supports to carry the bride of the pin hole.
My last print of this head was a mess, because I misscalculated the amount of supports therefore the print got stuck and detached himself from the print bed. I updated the version with more and thicker supports, but now I have to cleanup a few areas before the color wash.

The overall print time was 6h, the size is ca 10 cm height.

Deformation figure 3d Print

General / 28 February 2022

After 27h of printing, my first sculpted and printed figure is alive!

It was a weird thing, watching this print growing slowly by every hour and not knowing if the print would fail. But everything went fine and I already love the amount of details :D
I hollowed the mesh within Zbrush by hand with live booleans to have more control over all the small corners and to learn, how this stuff works. The height of this print is 22 cm.

Here are a few impressions, the mesh needs still to be sanded and painted .... 

3D Printing journey / 001

General / 10 January 2022

Hey hey,

after a few years of thinking about having a 3d printer for myself, I finally bought one!
It's an Anycubic Photon mono x and I had no idea what I'm doing :D

I was slightly naive! In my mind printing with resin is straight out of the box and plug and play ... well after two fail prints .. I made more research and worked with different exposure setting based on my bought resin. It is interesting that the printer doesn't use .stl files to print. Instead you have to use a slicing software to make a printer readable file based on your stl.

Anyway .. I was able to make my own print file (yay) and hey it worked! I printed a genga test mesh ca. 5 cm tall in about 5 hours.

Currently the most intense moments are right before you can see your model on the build plate :D

I printed the test directly on the plate because I have still to figure out, how to use the supports propperly. Oh currently I'm using water washable resin because I don't wanted to handle the alcohol stuff yet

Here is the model fresh out of the printer

I bought besides the printer also a wash and cure mashine, it's so easy to handle and I get an even UV light result (looks like a disco for miniatures :D)

And here we have my first "good enough" model, washed and cured. I really like how sharp the edges are and the surface is very smooth.

So yeah that's my printing journey so far. I found online a few guides for propper printer calibration and I will jump onto that topic next.

Stay tuned for updates!
Cheers Oliver

Artstation Recap 2021

General / 16 December 2021
it's been an interesting and sometimes exhausting year, but I made new organic stuff and meet new awesome artists
I'm looking forward to 2022 and new projects, yay!!!!!

Stay creative and healthy ;)

Infected Wound

General / 20 September 2021

I was playing around with some sort of infected wound design. I still have to figure out how to deal with wet surfaces. For example a thin layer of fluidon top of an open wound ... looks still to CG for my taste.

Sculpting: Zbrush
baked: Marmoset toolbag 3
texturing: Substance painter

open wound study 01

General / 13 September 2021

I'm playing around with multiple wound shapes to test how I can create believable structures and textures.

Clay bust fun

General / 30 May 2021

I was doodle around with a few shapes and came out with a demon design build of IMM brushes as rough base and a detail pass for the refinement.


New PC and Cycles render fun

General / 29 April 2021


I updated my PC setup and I'm working on a render setup within Blender to make realistic shots of my upcomming sculpting projects.
Soo I grabed my Orc bust and played around with Cycles. I would love to switch to Evee but the missing Global Illumination is still a thing ...  to create rally grounded renderings.
The render was in Full hd with CPU+ GPU and took me around a minute of render time which is a huge jump compared to my old system.
Now I'm reducing my idle times and can be more productive instead of waiting, looking outisde the window and cry :D :D

Anyways ... I like it so far but I will tweak it further until I'm happy with my setup.

Thanks for reading,