Project "Mushroom Fairy"

Work In Progress / 21 May 2021

Hey everyone,
a new big project is about to start, yayyyyyy!

a few weeks ago I was playing around with ideas for a new long term project and then I came up with a forest scene and a lot of mushrooms.
Well not really a lot of those thingys but more a group of mimik creatures who lives in the woods and mimik real mushrooms until something passes nearby and the fairies starting to attack and eat their prey.

I want to test my abilities to make nice looking sequenzes within Unreal with animations, sound etc.
I saw a lot of awesome looking short film projects on artstation and I want to make this too!!  

I already love the shapes and can't wait to dive into the initial sculpting.

Here are a few concept pieces I did for the character so far:
Value sketch and measurement ...

To break up the overall scene I tend to make slightly different sizes ...

Colour variation test, currently I can't make a decision between lower left and right  ...