Scifi Alien Politician WIP 11

Work In Progress / 04 October 2020

Hey ho,

current status of my project ...
 I'm working on the refinement of the clothes and skin parts. I Added the biggest volumes and wrinkles for the skin because I want this as part of my later bake process. The pores and smaller skin details will be made within substance painter, because I then I have a better controll of the detail dimensions and can tweak faster compared to a pure sculpted mesh.

What I really enjoyed was the sculpting of her lips, her face has now more depth and looks natural.

For the baking and texturing process, I duplicated her head and made an slightly open mouth position too.
Now I can bake without cleaning normal maps in small areas like mouth corner and also I was able to reshape her lipline better than I would be able to do with a closed mouth.

Here are a few detail pictures :