Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 06

Work In Progress / 12 November 2021

After a few weeks of other tasks on my list, I finally can come back to this beast! :D

I tweaked a few more proportions, because I'm using every WIP as desktop background so I have a lot of time to look at it .. maybe its a course to start seeing more and more tweakable areas :D but now its time to make a cut. I finished the the teeth and gum area, moved parts and gave it a more horrific look and not a perfect smile.
I still has to update a few veins that I destroyed because of the overall shape moving .... but then I can jump into the UV.
Texturing is not far away, wohoo!

The Hellknight is part of a collaboration project soo check out the awesome job of Maximilian Domsky's WIP's.
He is working on the environment stuff.

Cheers ;)