3D Printing journey / 001

General / 10 January 2022

Hey hey,

after a few years of thinking about having a 3d printer for myself, I finally bought one!
It's an Anycubic Photon mono x and I had no idea what I'm doing :D

I was slightly naive! In my mind printing with resin is straight out of the box and plug and play ... well after two fail prints .. I made more research and worked with different exposure setting based on my bought resin. It is interesting that the printer doesn't use .stl files to print. Instead you have to use a slicing software to make a printer readable file based on your stl.

Anyway .. I was able to make my own print file (yay) and hey it worked! I printed a genga test mesh ca. 5 cm tall in about 5 hours.

Currently the most intense moments are right before you can see your model on the build plate :D

I printed the test directly on the plate because I have still to figure out, how to use the supports propperly. Oh currently I'm using water washable resin because I don't wanted to handle the alcohol stuff yet

Here is the model fresh out of the printer

I bought besides the printer also a wash and cure mashine, it's so easy to handle and I get an even UV light result (looks like a disco for miniatures :D)

And here we have my first "good enough" model, washed and cured. I really like how sharp the edges are and the surface is very smooth.

So yeah that's my printing journey so far. I found online a few guides for propper printer calibration and I will jump onto that topic next.

Stay tuned for updates!
Cheers Oliver