Underwater character

Work In Progress / 24 October 2021


I'm working on this character mostly as a warmup project, and a few days ago I was rendering out a few passes and made a propper first concept of it to test where this could lead. I really like the idea of underwater cultures and their clothes and designes.

Also the rendering and composition is pure joy for me, I love to see it when the photoshop magic hits the 3d rendering.

Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 05

Work In Progress / 28 September 2021

I refined the highpoly sculpting and made veins, corercted a few muscle shapes and yeah highpoly is almost done.
Next tep will be refining the teeth and inner mouth area.
Retopo teeth ....
I really enjoy the process and watching my creatin growing step by step :D

The Hellknight is part of a collaboration project soo check out the awesome job of Maximilian Domsky's WIP's.
He is working on the environment for the scene.https://www.artstation.com/blogs/maxdomsky/3dNq/collaborative-doom-fanart-wip-2

Infected Wound

General / 20 September 2021

I was playing around with some sort of infected wound design. I still have to figure out how to deal with wet surfaces. For example a thin layer of fluidon top of an open wound ... looks still to CG for my taste.

Sculpting: Zbrush
baked: Marmoset toolbag 3
texturing: Substance painter

open wound study 01

General / 13 September 2021

I'm playing around with multiple wound shapes to test how I can create believable structures and textures.

Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 04

Work In Progress / 06 September 2021

Hellknight update,
retopo is done so far. I reprojected the old highpoly details and tweaked here and there a few shapes.
Now I'm working on the skin surface, It has to look gross and full of stretched skin :D :D

Check out Maximilian Domsky's WIP's. He is working on the environment for the scene.

Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 03

Work In Progress / 20 August 2021

Working on the retopo for the Hellknight, because of his massive muscles it's a challenge finding the right loops in specific areas :D

Oh and in the meantime Maximilian Domsky is working on the environment magic!!!!
Take a look here ;)

DOOM 3 Hellknight Fanart WIP 002

Work In Progress / 07 July 2021


after I finishes the main volumes of the character, I used Zremesh as a base to see how the bake would look like and I used it also to test a few material ideas. 

DOOM 3 Hellknight Fanart WIP 001

Work In Progress / 04 July 2021

I love the the DOOM artstyles especially the demons are my favorites and  so I'm working on a remake of the Doom 3 Hellknight.

Here are a few shots of my test renderings, I jump a lot between Zbrush and Keyshot during my process.

Clay bust fun

General / 30 May 2021

I was doodle around with a few shapes and came out with a demon design build of IMM brushes as rough base and a detail pass for the refinement.


Project "Mushroom Fairy" / 002

Work In Progress / 23 May 2021

Update time ...

I grabbed my concept and made an initial sculpt of the head to get a better feeling for the overall shapes.
I sculpted a neutral and a jaw open posed version to see how the mood would change and if I can be as close as possible to my concept design.

Furthermore I made a light chart to test the values under different conditions. 

 Overall I'm very happy with my results, the next step will be the blockout of the body.