Scifi Alien Politician WIP 07

Work In Progress / 03 August 2020


I made today a few scribbles to play with an idea for her eyelashes/eyebrows and also head jewellery designs 

Scifi Alien Politician WIP 06

Work In Progress / 02 August 2020

yay update time ....

finally I have cleaned and reprojected all the cloth pieces on my new sculpting friendly topology. Oh boy sometimes is working with clothes a tricky thing.

Anyway, here is the latest highpoly screenshot. I will now start detailing the cloth and skin parts. Hmm also I need teeth and jewelery for the character ...

Stay tuned for more!  

Scifi Alien Politician WIP 05

Work In Progress / 06 July 2020

Hey ho,

updates updates updates ...

I worked on the garment pieces. I reworked the overall design and made the gament pieces. was a lot of fun and I really enjoy marvelous in terms of picking an corner and more it around in realtime ^^ The side part was a tricky one because It has to be stiff and so I build extra geometry to match my design idea.

Concept ( also now slightly different as the geometrie but I'm fine with it)

detail images from the

I made the detail images before I finished the complet outfit, so a few garment pieces are now slightly different.

Scifi Alien Politician WIP 04

Work In Progress / 05 July 2020

After the retopo was done I projected my pre highpoly sculpted details on top of my new topology and started blending all the volumes together.
I refined the head and face areas  a little further and put eyes in my mesh to see better the current appeal of the character.
My plan is to deal with the clothes first and then make my complete detail pass.

Also I made a quick one evening test with her eyes, made an iris design and tested it within unreal

Scifi Alien Politician WIP 03

Work In Progress / 29 June 2020

Hey new updates ....

after my base proportions are done, I started on the retopo of the character. The head is one of the important parts of my character so I placed very carefull the layout and made it animation and deformation friendly. Furthermore I splitted the mesh in groups for easy selections within Zbrush.
The body topology is pretty straight forward. I looked at good deformation areas like hips, wirst, knees etc but in the end its more a tube with subdivisions. Making the hand was interesting because normaly you don't have to deal with two thumbs ^^ but lucky me I could work with symmetrie and just had to be carefull when both sides come together and the attachement point on the wrist.

The feet, oh boy way pain in the ass! I loved my shape design but making a retopo was hard work for me. Every side has curves and very organic forms. But the result is pretty nice.
Fun fact: I just need the body topology for the cloth production, but my plans for the environment includes "nude" statues soo it was no waist of time and I had fun making the complete topology.

Scifi Alien Politician WIP 02

Work In Progress / 28 June 2020

Hey ho,

I started refining the legs a little bit more. In the end there will be cloth but for my personal fun I played with more muscle and bone shapes.

I blended all the volumes together and reshaped the main volumes a little bit more. Furthermore I pushed the shape of the ankle to have a  more interesting shape. 

Also, with a pair of fresh eyes, I think the butt is to heavy for the overall shape.
Soo I reduced the size about 50% and I must confess that I love the new shape. It looks now more interesting and it's better to read.

Additional I made a few test renders for the overall body just for funand to see how the volumes react to light :)
( Those rendering where made before I changed her booty)


Scifi Alien Politician WIP 01

Work In Progress / 27 June 2020

I'm working on a new personal project. The setting is some sort of victorian / scifi society.

I want to create a realistic / beliveable realtime character. The design is currently based on a combination of a human and different animal parts to create an interesting looking shape. Also I want to try to make basic Ffacial blendshapes to play with different expressions. In the end I will present and stage my character in a small environment in Unreal.

I started with a bust sketch to define the character and at the moment I'm working on a concept to block out the body and cloth style.
I really enjoy the idea of making an alien shaped character with more humanoid clothes, how does a long leg character put on pants?

Initial colour test just to see what It could be :)

I started blocking out the body:

This version was more human but I liked the idea of the feet

second iteration:
I gave her bigger shapes and curved her spine more extreme than the first iteration.

Next pass:

I added arms and redesigned her feet to make a more ostrich look, that creature is now a fast runner ^^
Also I like the idea that her hands having two thumbs and index+middle / ring + pinky are together to create a more interesting hand for an alien species.