Work In Progress / 21 November 2022

I'm working on a cosmonaut design, the screenshot isa rough phase to flesh out the suit and proportions.

Orc head bust print

General / 17 November 2022

Currently I'm working on an updated version of my older orc head sculpt. I refinded the shapes a little bit to make it more pleasing for the eye and printable. The final print size is 75 mm height.


Inside Lychee, working on the supports

Plague Marine Bust /04

Work In Progress / 08 October 2022

I made a few changes on the overall design. Sharper corners for the armor plates, more nasty parts (I made a imperial guard head for his backpack), different shapes for the area around the belly. I still have to work on a few areas and details, but my latest test rendering looks promising.

Oh and this image is just for fun :D

Plague Marine Bust /03

Work In Progress / 16 September 2022

Update ...
I refinded the helmet and upper arm armour. Also I resculpted a few areas, where I have to cut for the print.If somebody find the small demons let me know :D

Plague Marine Bust /02

Work In Progress / 14 September 2022

Plague marine update
I refined a lot of shapes and learned interesting stuff about space marine lore :D

I think I'm almost done with the secondary shapes (one big part is still the helmet) But my render tests are promissing. I have to keep in mind that I would cut the model in a few pieces for printing, so everything should be as tight as possible.

Plague Marine Bust

Work In Progress / 09 September 2022

I'm working on something nasty :D
Still blocking out the volumes of the plague marine bust, but I love it already!

First shape pass

Sculpt Phase 01 and a little bit rendering

Sculpting Kingpin 02

Work In Progress / 18 July 2022

Kingpin update time,
I merged the head and refined the facial expression. Also I reworked his hands because the first version was kinda weak in terms of posture.
Slowly everything comes together but my Zbrush file isgetting slower and bigger :D

Sculpting Kingpin 01

Work In Progress / 11 July 2022

I came up with a fun exercise to sharpen my current skill sets.

My goals are: "sculpting directly in pose" and "creating printable statues"

It's so not my comfort zone, I swear a lot like a sailor!

My first Statue is based on Marvels Kingpin.

But besides my yelling, this is a pure fun project :D

Here are my first WIP shots

White Rabbit concept art

General / 20 May 2022

I found an older sculpting piece on my hard drive soo I sculpted that thing a little bit further and made a quick rendering and overpaint.
I like the idea that this rabbit is the one from alice in wonderland. Maybe I will start sketching out a full body sculpture.

Inquisitor creature idea

General / 11 May 2022

I'm working on a creature idea and it's tall ....
maybe I will make a 3d print out of it because I really like the shapes. But for now I'm in the process of sculpting the shapes and playing with material ideas.

Older version, before I started to making some kind of shell with 4 arms in it :D