Oracle 02

General / 29 May 2023

Oracle overpaint time!

Trying to figure out more shapes is a lot easier in 2d. I already like the bone structures and I will try also a version with round head piece to bring more balance into the sculpt. Furthermore I played with the tough to build some kind of stairs in front of the oracle to create more sense of the scale.

Giving the figure cloth pieces is a different topic ...


General / 29 May 2023

I'm working on a new blockout, working title "oracle" I still have the feeling I need more mouths or arms or a second head. Furthermore there is a lack of scale. I need to put smaller things around it, then it's becoming impressive. Let's see where it leads us 🔥

Retro scifi bounty hunter bust 3d print preperations

Work In Progress / 11 April 2023
Hey hey,
currently I'm working on the printable bust of my alien gunslinger.
I cutted the model into 10 pieces to reduce the force/per piece during the printing and to bring the amount of backfacing issues to a minimum.

Furthermore I hollowed the biggest parts not just to safe resin, but also to avoid to strong pulling forces during the print.

After 6,5 hours I had all my pieces and started cleaning and assembling the model to check for minor issues before I put the model as .stl into my shop.

I already noticed a few areas with a very tight locking, which means I had to go back to Zbrush and tweak my boolean opperations.
The next testprint is already in progress :)

Elder bust

Work In Progress / 25 March 2023

Hey hey,
I'm working on a new printable bust. My inspiration was an elderly character with ... of course more alien anatomy but humanoid features.

Here are a few WIP shots of the current process. I will add a few more folds around the stitches and maybe a few more wrinkles on her face. Furthermore a small pose, could be the extra detail I need for her.

Initial sculpt with way to strong features but that's OK because then I can easily reduce and tweak the values.

I tried first a version with a bigger horn shape on the forhead but that was to much detail and shifted the focus away from the face.

So I tried different versions for the horns ...

And finally I found the right balance :D

Retro scifi bounty hunter bust / Weapon detailing

Work In Progress / 15 February 2023

Hey hey,

I detailed the weapon for the bust.
Based on the "Blockout", I made a few more splits and I adjusted the proportions on the handle to fit better into the alien hand (also it's better for the printing process, so everything fits together smoothly)

More details ... as you can see I closed the hole for the trigger because those areas would cause printing issues

and here is a test rendering in Keyshot

Retro scifi bounty hunter bust

Work In Progress / 12 February 2023

Im working on a retro scifi alien bust. The idea is a bounty hunter with a classic xray gun :D
The overall height will be 8cm (top eyes to belt)

First rendering, finding all the main shapes

I decided to go with wider shoulder pads to make the overall triangle design more pronounced.

More details and I opened the mouth to make the face more visible.

I started to play with posing ideas

Infected diorama

General / 22 January 2023

I'm working on a new printable diorama/ figure. The main inspiration is the microscopic world of creatures inside of us, but now wayyyy bigger :D

My initial sculpt

Overpaint and blockout of the composition

New mood sculpting, I still have to figure out the shaoe of the creature. I think I will gowith a humanoid twisted thingy

Art vs Artis 2022

General / 08 December 2022

Behold the time has come! Oh boi ... 2022 was an interesting year. I met new awesome people and worked more on dark and nasty projects!
I'm looking forward to 2023 with more projects, more 3d prints and more creatures ... and I have to make a new selfie :D 

Orc head bust print Vol 2

General / 29 November 2022

Updates on my orc head.

After recalibrating and testing my new slicer settings, the head print was a success!
You can now print your own heads just follow the link:

creature shop

News / 24 November 2022

Hey hey,
I opened my online shop for creatures!!!
Currently, I'm working on more printable files. If you like to paint or just collect busts and statues, take a look :)