Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 06

Work In Progress / 12 November 2021

After a few weeks of other tasks on my list, I finally can come back to this beast! :D

I tweaked a few more proportions, because I'm using every WIP as desktop background so I have a lot of time to look at it .. maybe its a course to start seeing more and more tweakable areas :D but now its time to make a cut. I finished the the teeth and gum area, moved parts and gave it a more horrific look and not a perfect smile.
I still has to update a few veins that I destroyed because of the overall shape moving .... but then I can jump into the UV.
Texturing is not far away, wohoo!

The Hellknight is part of a collaboration project soo check out the awesome job of Maximilian Domsky's WIP's.
He is working on the environment stuff.

Cheers ;)

Underwater character

Work In Progress / 24 October 2021


I'm working on this character mostly as a warmup project, and a few days ago I was rendering out a few passes and made a propper first concept of it to test where this could lead. I really like the idea of underwater cultures and their clothes and designes.

Also the rendering and composition is pure joy for me, I love to see it when the photoshop magic hits the 3d rendering.

Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 05

Work In Progress / 28 September 2021

I refined the highpoly sculpting and made veins, corercted a few muscle shapes and yeah highpoly is almost done.
Next tep will be refining the teeth and inner mouth area.
Retopo teeth ....
I really enjoy the process and watching my creatin growing step by step :D

The Hellknight is part of a collaboration project soo check out the awesome job of Maximilian Domsky's WIP's.
He is working on the environment for the scene.

Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 04

Work In Progress / 06 September 2021

Hellknight update,
retopo is done so far. I reprojected the old highpoly details and tweaked here and there a few shapes.
Now I'm working on the skin surface, It has to look gross and full of stretched skin :D :D

Check out Maximilian Domsky's WIP's. He is working on the environment for the scene.

Collaborative Doom Fanart - WIP 03

Work In Progress / 20 August 2021

Working on the retopo for the Hellknight, because of his massive muscles it's a challenge finding the right loops in specific areas :D

Oh and in the meantime Maximilian Domsky is working on the environment magic!!!!
Take a look here ;)

DOOM 3 Hellknight Fanart WIP 002

Work In Progress / 07 July 2021


after I finishes the main volumes of the character, I used Zremesh as a base to see how the bake would look like and I used it also to test a few material ideas. 

DOOM 3 Hellknight Fanart WIP 001

Work In Progress / 04 July 2021

I love the the DOOM artstyles especially the demons are my favorites and  so I'm working on a remake of the Doom 3 Hellknight.

Here are a few shots of my test renderings, I jump a lot between Zbrush and Keyshot during my process.

Project "Mushroom Fairy" / 002

Work In Progress / 23 May 2021

Update time ...

I grabbed my concept and made an initial sculpt of the head to get a better feeling for the overall shapes.
I sculpted a neutral and a jaw open posed version to see how the mood would change and if I can be as close as possible to my concept design.

Furthermore I made a light chart to test the values under different conditions. 

 Overall I'm very happy with my results, the next step will be the blockout of the body.

Project "Mushroom Fairy"

Work In Progress / 21 May 2021

Hey everyone,
a new big project is about to start, yayyyyyy!

a few weeks ago I was playing around with ideas for a new long term project and then I came up with a forest scene and a lot of mushrooms.
Well not really a lot of those thingys but more a group of mimik creatures who lives in the woods and mimik real mushrooms until something passes nearby and the fairies starting to attack and eat their prey.

I want to test my abilities to make nice looking sequenzes within Unreal with animations, sound etc.
I saw a lot of awesome looking short film projects on artstation and I want to make this too!!  

I already love the shapes and can't wait to dive into the initial sculpting.

Here are a few concept pieces I did for the character so far:
Value sketch and measurement ...

To break up the overall scene I tend to make slightly different sizes ...

Colour variation test, currently I can't make a decision between lower left and right  ...


Scifi Alien Politician WIP 16

Work In Progress / 03 December 2020


I textured the limbs and made a few more tweak of the overall values. For example I toned down the golden parts to fit better to the darker and warmer skin tone.  Also I tested the character inside the example paragon level.

Testing the portrait shot

First impression inside the Paragon level